We have been tracking rents across our core areas since January 2009 and below are some interesting trends and stats. The figures below include all tenancies up until 31st December 2011.

Please do note that these figures are purely based on lets which the Currell group of companies have administered, and as much as we are amongst the largest Agents in each of our areas, these stats cannot be considered as being 100% reflective of the market over the period.

We have only included details of one and two bedroom properties, as the sample size of three and four bedroom properties is not great enough to form accurate stats (though, of course, rents have risen over the period!)

1 bed +34.31%
2 bed +25.28%
1 bed +30.00%
2 bed +21.33%
1 bed +19.39%
2 bed +25.76%
1 bed +29.73%
2 bed +25.34%
1 bed +16.43%
2 bed +43.79%
1 bed +2.50%
2 bed +17.49%


As you can see one bedroom properties have out-performed two beds over the 3 year period, but two beds have hardly performed badly with rents having increased anywhere between 17.49% and 43.79%.

The stats for E9 are a little surpisring, but from ‘shop floor’ experience we would actually suggest that rents have increased at a similar rate as N1 (approx 35% for one beds and 25% for two beds). The disparity being due, we believe, to the fact that rents in E9 are very varied. For example a one bed in Victoria Park village would rent for far more than a one bed in Homerton, perhaps by as much as 30-40% more.