Plans unveiled for the redevelopment of Smithfield Market under its new moniker ‘Smithfield Quarter’ show that most of the existing buildings will remain as they are, with additional steel and glass structures being added to the centre.

Around 230,000 Sq. Ft of new retail, commercial and restaurant space will be added to areas including the General Market, the Fish Market, the old engine house and the Red House, with an internal/external piazza being proposed in the General Market.

Opposition to these proposals has been fierce; with opponents worrying the plans are keeping the facade but destroying everything that is hidden behind it. Clem Cecil of Save Britain’s Heritage, dismisses the plans as “a token nod to conservation.”

Despite this opposition Henderson Global Investors, the owners of the site, insist that their plans are designed with the conservation and maintenance of the historic buildings in mind. Geoff Harris, Henderson’s director of property development says “Our proposals are a thorough and legitimate response to the challenges of putting these buildings back into proper long-term sustainable use, both in terms of heritage and in terms of the very real issue of commercial sense.”

Original articles from Estates Gazette and The Guardian.