The owners of the Battersea Power Station have decided to scrap plans for a new large scale events venue after neighbours complained.

A new building named ‘The Power House’ was set to replace the existing ‘Boiler Room’ venue which has played host to events including Elton John’s Grey Goose Ball.

The news comes after last week’s Holi One Colour Festival saw 15,000 visitors, causing noise and disruption to the local neighbourhood.

A spokesman for Battersea Power Station said: “Following a recent event held at the venue, which was hosted by a third party, it became clear that some of the high standards and levels of consideration we expect of our clients were not being upheld.”

Instead, the owners plan to host small bespoke events which will cause no disruption or inconvenience to the neighbourhood.

The spokesman continued: “By moving to smaller, bespoke events we are confident we can continue to find new and imaginative ways of bringing people into contact with the Power Station in a way with which our neighbours can feel comfortable and hopefully in which they can take part.”

Quotes from Wandsworth Guardian.