On Radio 4 this morning there was great discussion on taking pride in your work. Trevor Kent, former president of the National Association of Estate Agents gave his view point as to why he is proud of his profession despite the opprobrium estate agents normally suffer!

Mr Kent says that Liz Jones, a Daily Mail journalist, once called him “the spawn of Satan,” which goes some way to showing the distaste reserved for estate agents!

Despite the bad press however Mr Kent says that London estate agents have every right to take pride in their work. He says: “We know we work hard and look after our clients. We only succeed if we do our job correctly and get nothing if we don’t do exactly what our client wants.”

Mr Kent further likened the profession to being like ‘social work and marriage counselling’ due to a house being both an important financial decision and an emotional one. When interviewing, Mr Kent says it is important for any potential agent to have the skills to take someone through this process.

Finally Mr Kent says that estate agents have every right to be proud of their job as “we do a good job.”