The Grade II listed Victorian swimming baths in Haggerston have been included in The Victorian Society’s Top 10 endangered buildings list, as plans to save it have failed during the recession.

Opened in 1904, the baths were commissioned by Shoreditch Borough Council to serve the needs of what was an underprivileged area. Designed by architect AW Cross, the building was designed to be impressive.

The building has now been closed and boarded up since 2000. Despite being a stone’s throw away from Olympic sporting facilities and Kingsland Road, the pool complex has been left neglected and failed to attract funding.

Local campaigners are calling for Hackney Council to save the building and proposals to turn it into a new healthcare centre have been proposed.

The Victorian Society is appealing to the council and says: “At a time when there is so much new development in the area it is important to capitalise on our existing assets and to put important buildings like Haggerston Baths into public use again.”