Lucie, who grew up in South London, has been fascinated by art from an early age. She went on to study Fine Art Painting at City & Guild of London Art School, receiving a first class degree. Some of the painitngs in her series ‘Ladies of the Chorus’ are currently on display in our Battersea office, as part of the Currell Collection. We spoke to Lucie to find out more.

What does this collection represent?

It’s a study of the fluidity and fragility of this particular group of personalities.

Can you tell us about the process of making the paintings?

I think of them as ‘stain paintings’, and the way they’re made is really important in the process of application and removal that forms each piece. When you paint with watercolour on canvas like this, the paint doesn’t sink in, it sits on the surface until you work it in with sponges – up to that point the paint would be very easy to wipe away. So it’s all about layering, and what you end up with represents the different layers of each person’s identity. It’s quite abstract but for me, it’s about leaving behind a trace of that person’s emotions.

Do you like being independent from a specific gallery? 

For now it is definitely the right decision for me. If I were to sign with a gallery right now I might not get shows too regularly, but breaking out on my own I can decide for myself and get involved in exciting projects, as I’ve been fortunate to do here at Currell Residential.

Lucie with a selcetion of pieces from her ‘Ladies of the Chorus’ collection.

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