Last night was the official launch of the Dalston Bridge fundraising charity.

Dalston Bridge is a pioneering charity that targets local social projects on people’s doorsteps in Dalston.

The emphasis on the locality of aid is Dalston Bridge’s biggest selling point, people in Dalston helping people in Dalston.

‘Donating the Dalston way’ is how the charity encompasses a new approach to other charitable organisations by working directly with local businesses, residents and visitors to make donating easy in the Dalston area.

Local donations can be contributed in many ways ranging from buying a ‘Dalston Thing’ cocktail or selling your property through Currell Residential. These dynamic ways of contributing make it extremely simple for people donate.

The first fundraising target for the charity is £30,000 which will be distributed between five newly launched charities.

All of the fundraising undertaken will aim to tackle three important social issues prevalent in Dalston itself; young people’s education and employment, homelessness and recovery from mental distress. These will be divided amongst five launch charities.

The five local projects are:

  1. Hackney Pirates – Working with young people to build their literacy and real world skills in an unconventional learning environment.
  2. Bootstrap Campus – Masterclasses and structures work placements for unemployed young people.
  3. Circle Sports – Unemployed 18-24 year olds receive 10 weeks of work experience and training in a cool sports shop.
  4. Hackney Winter Night Shelter – A warm welcome, hot meal, bed and breakfast and support to Hackney’s homeless.
  5. Studio Upstairs – Supporting those with mental health issues through art therapy.

For more information please see the official site below: