This week a new collection of stunning artwork by artist Jennifer Wilson, has arrived into our Battersea office.

Jen wilson 1 Jen wilson 3







All the work is for sale and anyone is welcome to come in to our office at 205 Lavender Hill Battersea and take a look.

Jen wilson 2

Jennifer herself tells us what it is that inspires her work:

“In the studio I spend a long time looking. I observe the objects, spaces and imagery around me and mentally dissect, rework and invent. Drawing takes place as much in my head as on paper. Shapes and forms are multiplied, reworked and refined mentally. The work evolves around the activity of painting, where intuition plays a large role.

I view the paintings as both abstract and figurative, using basic, but indefinable, shapes and marks. I imagine the images of other artists; considering the tensions between figure and ground present in Raoul De Keyser’s work and Blinky Palermo’s experimental approach to form. It is the combination of these environmental and cultural elements that feed my imagination and enable my experimental investigation of visual Language”.

Prices range from £1000 – £2000 but please ask in branch for the full price list.

If you are interested in the art work or want to find out more info please phone the office on 0203 6681000