It might seem like Christmas is just around the corner, especially if your’re selling property in London. But there is still time to sell your home before Christmas. We’ve put together some tips on how to get your London property sold in time for the festive season.

Sell your home before Christmas

1. Have everything ready to go.

Make sure your solicitors are in place so that there is no delay with any paperwork your end; even one day’s delay could cause huge disruption to the sale process.

2. Be flexible with viewings.

Consider holding an Open Day to get the maximum number of potential buyers through the door. Be prepared to hold viewings at times which may be inconvenient to you but which could yield that one important buyer

3. Undertake simple maintenance.

While the presentation of your property is always important, think about cleaning it up specifically for winter. Get the chimney swept, clean out the gutters, clear pathways of dead leaves and check the boiler is working efficiently. Buyers will like this as they will be reassured the property is winter ready and requires no further work by them. These small touches could swing a sale

4. Be prepared to drop the price.

If nothing else seems to be working then a price reduction could work in bringing back buyers who were put off by the price first time around, as well as attracting new ones

5. Work closely with your agent.

Keep updated along the way and listen to their advice. A good agent knows their market and will be able to give you trusted advice on what the best steps are for you and your property.