Selling your property can be a busy process, especially in the early stages. When you’ve got people coming to view your home, it’s important that they feel like they want to live there, too. Here are a few quick ways you can fix it up with minimal stress – and put your potential buyers at ease.

First impressions are key

Don’t put viewers off before they’ve even stepped in – make sure the front of the house is well presented so they start off on the right foot. Give the door a fresh lick of paint, and get a new door mat. Sweep the front path or driveway, and clear the front garden. Make sure your bins are tidy, and out of view if possible.


Once inside, ensure the entrance hall is de cluttered – put any coats or jackets that you don’t wear often into storage boxes, or better still, have a clear out. The same goes for any boots and shoes stored near the door. Surfaces in the kitchens and bathrooms should be completely clear. Swap the bottle of washing up liquid on the counter for a vase of simple flowers (no need to go OTT though – it’s not a show home). And of course, absolutely no laundry or dishes left lying around!

Lighten up

Light is very important, yet often underestimated. Instead of having one large centre light, consider a few well-placed lamps, especially for evening viewings – it makes the space look so much more homely. Clean the windows, too as everyone is always drawn to a window in any room.

Don’t forget the garden, too

Tidy any outside space, especially if it is a proper sized garden, as this can be a big selling point. Depending on the time of year, get some flowers in pots to add a bit of instant colour. If you have a flat, window boxes are a perfect solution.

Make it scent-sational

Don’t cook anything smelly the night before. Cooking smells linger for longer than you think, and there’s nothing more off putting than walking into a room that still smells like last night’s curry. Add reed diffusers and scented candles so that potential buyers aren’t put off (it’s also a good idea to put these in the bathroom, too).