Looking for a Bank Holiday project? Why not jazz up your conservatory? Making the most of your conservatory can really make a difference, adding a whole extra functional room to your home. Here are a few ideas for ways you can make the most of yours…

Make it homey

Make your conservatory feel more like a part of your home by adding some wallpaper and soft furnishings. Fairy lights are a great way to create a cosy feel in the evenings and they look great through the windows of your conservatory from the garden.

Go green

Conservatories are bright and light – the perfect environment for plants! Succulents and palms are very in at the moment and they’re also the perfect plants if you’re not very green fingered. If you’re a bit more of a confident gardener olive trees are very hardy and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Citrus trees like lemon or grapefruit create a great Mediterranean look but will require a little heating in the winter months.

Transform your conservatory into a home study

Not getting a lot of use out of your conservatory? Why not convert it into a home study? Granted, this might be a bit of a bigger project, but hey, what are Bank Holidays for? Making use of your conservatory in this way could also be a great way to declutter the rest of your house – a great way to get books and papers out of the way and create more space elsewhere. Also, by having a dedicated space for work, you’ll find it easier to switch off at the end of the working day.

Refresh your dining area

Make your conservatory into a dedicated dining room by brightening up your dining table. Add a colourful table cloth and maybe some bright and summery glasses and crockery to create a fun and welcoming space. You could even invite friends and family over for that final summer barbecue to make the most of your newly reinvigorated room.

Think floral

Sometimes conservatories get forgotten and neglected. Why not add fresh flowers to your conservatory, which will make it feel like a regularly used space and encourage you to spend more time there.

Add a statement item

Because your conservatory is slightly removed from the rest of your home, you can use that space to experiment with styles that you might hesitate to include in your living room. Try adding a statement piece of furniture to your conservatory – you’ll add instant style and you can build up on this in your own time.