As the literary saying goes “books do furnish a room” and it’s so true. We love the way a great book collection can make a house into a home and can add style and panache to your living spaces.

Here are some ways you can transform your beaten up paperbacks, chunky dictionaries and cookbooks into ornamental essentials.

Make a statement shelving wall

Add an amazing amount of storage space to your home, and prevent your living area from getting too cluttered by dedicating a whole wall to storage. You can use the shelving for books as well as an entertainment system, plants and candles. The interesting aesthetic of statement shelving will also draw the eye through the room, helping to make the room appear more spacious.

Create a rainbow bookcase

Organise your books by colour to create a stylish and tidy bookcase. This is a great way to make even scruffy paperbacks look like a style statement.

Have a cosy reading nook

Don’t have spacious open plan rooms that would suit large scale shelving? Not a problem. Create dedicated library areas in smaller rooms by tucking shelves into corners and adding a comfy chair of two.

Get some quirky book ends

What better way to transform your books into ornamental must-haves than by adding some stylish and unusual book ends. You can get some really nice ones from a number of high street homewares stores. The example pictured is from Anthropologie. You can also buy some really unusual book ends (including ones that double up as planters or lights) from online marketplace Etsy.

Don’t forget about coffee table books

Coffee table books can be a great talking point and add a hint of sophistication to your home, artfully arranged they can act like a kind of centre piece to your living area. Just don’t pile them too high!

Floating bookcases are a great space saver

Floating bookcases, which fix only to the wall, free up floor space and give more options, which is especially handy in smaller rooms. Fix floating bookshelves above seating or beds to optimise space and you can always add more later if you need more storage.

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