Making your house look more sleek and stylish doesn’t need to be a huge, time consuming, or costly process. There are loads of small improvements you can make to your home that are so simple and straight forward. Here are just a few things that you can do today…

Get big prints (and hang them low)

When selecting artwork for your home, you can basically go one of two ways: you can create a collage look by creating a statement wall of multiple smaller framed prints (read on to find out more about this) or you can go minimal and select one large piece. But in both cases, there’s a golden rule: never hang things too high! Putting pictures too high on the wall draws the eye up and makes rooms look cramped and oddly proportioned.

Create statement frame walls

Can’t decide on just one picture to hang? No problem! Mix and match your prints and make them into a statement wall. The rule with this one is to mix up the shapes of the frames and spend some time moving them around to figure out how they look best.

Use wallpaper tiles to make a statement wall

A lot of people are scared of wallpaper (fair enough, it can get messy!) But those days are over. You can buy wallpaper tiles that come in all kinds of stylish patterns and make wallpapering so much easier – because the tiles are smaller and easier to handle than big wallpaper strips it’s a lot easier to get those tricky patterns lined up neatly. So why not go for it and make that statement wall you’ve always wanted?

Hang curtains high

A lot of people make this mistake, but when it comes to hanging curtains, higher is better. Placing the curtain rail above the window creates the illusion that windows are larger, and it also looks neater because the tops of the windows are covered – what’s more, you don’t need to worry about fitting the rail into the window surround, it’s fine for it to be slightly longer.

Define areas with large rugs

Avoid small rugs, which can divide up a room in a way that makes it seem smaller and instead opt for large rugs, which you can use to define your rooms. This works particularly well in open plan living spaces, where you can use a rug to designate the living area. Also, if you have kids (or dogs) a rug under a coffee table can protect your floor from spills.

Jazz up your front door

Treat your front door the same way you would the rest of your home – after all, it’s the first thing people will see. Paint your door a fun colour or add a quirky door knocker. It’ll look great and double up as an easy way to identify you home to new guests.

Display things in small groups

When displaying ornaments, books, storage container or candles in your home, display them in small groups where possible – this will make the placement of objects look more neat and deliberate and avoids a cluttered appearance.

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