London is officially the greenest city in Europe, with 35,000 acres of parks, green spaces and public gardens. But private outdoor space can still be difficult to come by. As the weather starts to warm up, transform even a small garden or patio with some of these tips…

Create privacy

Tall, easily maintained plants like palms or bamboo can help to enclose your garden and create a sense of seclusion and privacy. Putting different types of plants around the perimeter of your garden will also help to create the illusion of greater depth, making your garden appear larger.

Use containers

If space is limited in your garden, add greenery by putting plants in pots or planters. Just because they’re outdoors doesn’t mean they need to be planted directly into the ground – potted pants will flourish outside. This will also give you the freedom to move your plants around, making for a more flexible space.

Add cosy lighting

Make the most of your garden during mild summer evenings by adding some outdoor fairy lights or lanterns. String them up overhead canopy-style, or thread them through plants.

Be smart with furniture

Get furniture that utilises your space and avoid large pieces that will take up a lot of room. Stacking tables are really handy and take up minimal space when not in use. Add a bench along one side of your garden to provide seating, you could even double up a concrete planter as a seat.

Make the most of windows

Add greater depth and colour to your garden with window planters, or by adding plants inside that complement the style of your garden.

Use height

A great way to make a small garden look more spacious is to encourage people to look up. Don’t just focus on one level, instead, add hanging planters or mounted planters that fix to a wall or fence. These geometric mounted planters are from Greeeen Decor on Etsy.

Get reflective

Outdoor mirrors add so much light to your garden and trick the eye into thinking the garden is far larger. This large industrial-styled mirror is from Mirror Deco on Etsy

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