Our Discreet Marketing Service is designed exclusively for sellers who would rather keep their property matters private. Giving you access to serious buyers who are ready, willing and able to perform – without letting everybody else know about it.

At Currell Residential we recognise that not everyone wants to let the whole world know that they may be thinking of selling.

Exposing a property to the market is not always necessary and with some properties, not always the best way to get the best result. Over the years, many of our sales in the mid to upper sector of the market have occurred without the property being marketed in the usual manner.

As with our vendors, we spend time getting to know those who are seriously looking for property and are in a position to buy, understanding their requirements and qualifying their ability to perform. This time, which we consider very well spent, allows us to immediately contact people who may be interested in your home and to alert new enquirers on a discreet basis.

We deal regularly with many clients who are close to the public eye, clients who are overseas and people from the upper echelons of both finance and industry. In addition, we are in regular close contact with other property professionals and search agents acting for both UK and international buyers.

For more information please get in touch: http://www.currell.com/contact

It’s been a year in the planning and a good few months in the making and tweaking, but (finally!) we’re happy to introduce our new website!

Users of the old site had always commented on its ease of use, so we’ve tried to take that even further and make the user experience even simpler. Individual property pages now include all the info you need within the page itself, a description, map and floorplan, without the need to click through to further pages. Whilst the search functionality now also includes a map view for quick reference location info.

Our old website was only 4 years old or so, but how times change and how quickly the digital age moves. In recognition of this you’ll now be able to follow this very blog from the site and also link into our Twitter feed. Talking of “Twitter”, you can also Tweet property details directly from the site and you can even share them on Facebook.

Of course, the holy grail of any website is how far up the search rankings it will come (SEO). The whole site has been developed with this in mind, so let’s see how we fair…

We have also created a ‘mobile’ version of the website for smartphones (iPhones, Blackberries and the like) which is a simplified version of the main site. It retains the core ethos of the new site, ‘simplicity’, but you can still Tweet and share property details regardless. A mobile website became particularly important when we opted to use QR technology; more of which elsewhere.

We’re really happy with our new website hope you like it too.