Landlord and Tenant Services

Currell can assist you with all your Landlord and Tenant needs

Currell regularly advises clients on rent reviews, lease renewals, and other Landlord and Tenant Act matters.

Currell offers reliable and professional Landlord and Tenant Services, with a thorough approach that addresses technical and legal issues, as well as market evidence and conditions. Where disagreements occur between two parties, Currell employs methods to successfully negotiate, resolve the dispute and advise our clients on the best way to mitigate costs.

Rent Reviews

The purpose of a rent review is to adjust the rent to current market levels. When premises are subject to a lease, this will usually include a provision for the rent to be reviewed at regular intervals – typically every three, four or five years. We will undertake the often complex negotiations on your behalf. If the rent cannot be agreed between the landlord and tenant, there is usually provision in the lease for the dispute to be referred to an arbitrator or independent expert. We will be able to prepare a submission and counter representations for this purpose.

Commercial Lease Renewals

Currell can advise you on the various lease renewal options open to you and the terms that can realistically be achieved. If the lease is inside the security of tenure provisions of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, as amended, there is a strict procedure in bringing the old lease to an end. There are limited grounds on which the landlord can oppose the grant of a new tenancy. Early legal advice is recommended, whether you are the landlord or tenant. If the terms cannot be agreed between the landlord and tenant, there are methods of resolving the dispute, including county court proceedings and PACT. Our professional team are on hand to provide you with comprehensive advice.