When renting a property with Currell, please be aware that fees will apply during the process. Details of these fees are as follows:

Administration Fees (Non-optional)
We charge £360 (including VAT) to cover the cost of administering the initial tenancy. For example our team of administrators will be responsible for the drafting and completion of the Tenancy agreement (including any individually negotiated clauses), progressing the status of the proposed Tenancy, accounting and reconciliation of monies paid by the Tenants and coordinating between the referencing agency, relevant Tradesman for either compliance or works agreed, Inventory clerks (where applicable) and the Lettings Negotiator. For clarity, this is a charge per tenancy and not per applicant. An additional £360 (including VAT) will be charged in advance for any variation to the existing agreement (if your landlord is in agreement), plus any referencing charges.

Referencing Fees (Non-optional)
We use an independent referencing agency to carry out reference checks on all tenants. The cost of these checks are £40 (including VAT) per individual joining the tenancy and £50 (including VAT) if a company is being referenced. For clarity, each individual named in the tenancy agreement will need to pay a referencing fee. For example, 3 tenants = 3 referencing fees.

Check-In Fees (Non optional in the event that the Landlord uses the services of an Independent Inventory Clerk)
We use an independent inventory company (normally Ready Report) to carry out a Check-In and Check-Out service on all properties (subject to the landlord confirming that they wish to use this service). The cost of a check-in and check-out are identical and can vary from £105 (including VAT) to £360 (including VAT) dependent on the size of property and the amount of furnishings in the property. Most normally, tenants pay for a check-in and landlords pay for the check-out. For clarity, check-in fees are payable per tenancy, not per applicant.

Early Termination (Non-optional in the event of leaving earlier than the tenancy allows)

A fundamental responsibility as a tenant is to pay your rent, but we recognize there may be circumstances whereby you need to break out of your tenancy early. If your Landlord agrees that the property can be re advertised, in order to find a suitable replacement tenant to take over your liability, you still need to continue making your regular rent payments until a new tenant takes occupation. In addition you will need to cover the Landlords fees for the unexpired term of your tenancy. These fees are calculated on a pro rata basis. Should you be thinking of leaving earlier than your tenancy agreement permits, you should contact your local branch as soon as possible for a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. 

You can view an example of the Terms & Conditions we will ask you to sign by clicking here

Client Money Protection

The Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme is a compensation scheme run by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) which provides compensation to landlords, tenants and other clients should an agent misappropriate their rent, deposit or other client funds. More information on this scheme can be found by clicking here.

Other Fees and Information

Currell also works on behalf of institutional, rather than private, Landlords who may have their own administration procedures and fees. This can mean that the costs vary from those detailed above. Details of these fees are available upon request, but please be assured that if these landlords charge fees then you will not be liable to pay any fees to us.

The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) provides a free, impartial and independent service for the resolution of unresolved disputes between consumers and property agents. As members of TPO, should you have any complaints which remain unresolved regarding our service to you, then TPO should be contacted. To find out more about how the scheme works visit their website www.tpos.co.uk