Hobbs Court

Hobbs Court contains 31 flats and 2 commercial units and is set in one of the most historic parts of London. The building sits on Jacob Street which once bordered Jacob’s Island, a man-made island that was surrounded by ditches. By the 19th Century, the island was covered by industrial buildings and cramped housing and became known for its poverty. It also gained notoriety when Charles Dickens included a detailed description of the island in Oliver.

People disappeared from Jacob’s Island as a result of slum clearance in the early 20th Century. The area was then heavily bombed during WWII, leaving only one Victorian warehouses standing. 

It underwent extensive redevelopment in the 90’s but still maintains the area’s sense of history. Hobbs Court is in a desirable location, within walking distance to the many restaurants, bars and shops that the surrounding areas of Bermondsey and London Bridge have to offer.